Grandma’s 85th Birthday Celebration

To cerebrate grandma’s birthday, I imagined families and relatives would gather at some place like a community hall, tables and catering are all set,  music and photo slides are ready, and when it starts, some traditional ceremonial gestures would be followed by speeches made by close families, reading letters from kids, etc.etc. and then having food while some groups singing and dancing. Everyone sit at the table and enjoy the party.

I was invite to the birthday celebration at 12noon when the party was expected to start.

IMG_6702 (1024x683)

Okay, a lot of things to do, how nice to imagine the final stage of the show from this point.

Pallets were placed on the ground and the traditional mats cover the floor. The colorfully trimmed one is for the ceremony and for the main guest.

Cooking is always done by women – daughters of the grandma led the jobs.

while adults are busy with preparation, kids are busy with running around – a lot of relatives came together!

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Men, they are not just sitting and idling.

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They have been preparing lovo and now, it’s ready.

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More relatives are arriving and the preparation is almost done. People have changed their cloths. It was around at half past 4pm.

Now, the celebration starts.

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Grandma, Sokopeti is from Vanua Balavu, Lau group of Fiji.


Her father is from Tonga.

Fiji 2.png

She has 12 children, 42 grandchildren and 34 great-grandchildren. (some of the relatives kindly counted for me).

They are the generation of younger grandchildren. Children (daughters) are very busy before, during and after the ceremony (cooking, serving and washing plates). Great-grandchildren are still running around.

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I understood that birthday celebration here is not just a party as I imagined. It is a collective undertaking of organizing the events and the party time is just at the end of it.

Happy birthday grandma and congratulations to all children!