Exhibition of creativity and artisanry –the Rural Women’s Day Celebration was full of life


Mats and basketry are proud products of rural iTaukei women at the craft tents. They are necessary items for their daily life and also for various social functions. Some of them are simple and some are completed with the colorful fringes.


Patchwork cushion and pillow cases are showcases of rich colors and patterns of Fijian clothes. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Some dye goods are canvases of unexpected meetings of different colors.


Seaweed, a usual local product, is a versatile source of various products. Seaweed juice, seaweed snacks, seaweed jam, etc. etc.

The craft tents are exhibitions of women’s creativity and unique skills.

On the stage out there, there were demonstrations of those products by women’s groups.  There are also interactive sessions on issues which impact rural women’s rights, such as domestic violence and sexual abuse, nutrition, reproductive health and non-communicable diseases, child protection and financial literacy.

The winners of the food and crafts competition were announced in the evening of the last day – I did not attend this part bcz everything I saw there looked great!



International Rural Women’s Day in Fiji – the media launch

‘Claim your right to dignity and education’



“This year’s theme is ‘claim your right to dignity and education’, and it is with great pride that I say, these basic rights cover all women and today I would like to highlight these rights on rural women. Government of Fiji strongly supports this as articulated in the new constitution,” Dr Luveni said.

Dr Luveni highlighted that the empowerment of rural women and girls can lead them to fully enjoy their human rights and bolster their efforts to improve their lives as well as those of others around them.

“However, many a times the efforts of rural women are hurtfully branded as just their ‘duties’ or ‘responsibilities’. The hard work, endurance and persistence with which rural women strive to put food on the table cannot go unrecognized and we must refuse to accept it as ‘just their duty’,” Dr Luveni said….


International Rural Women’s Day in Fiji was launched by Minister of Social Welfare, Women and Poverty Alleviation Dr Jiko Luveni in Suva, Fiji on 3 Oct.