What way of life do people in your village expect for the future? あなたの村の人々は、将来の暮らしはどうあるべきだと考えていますか?

People have been talking about ‘sustainable development’. All human rights should be realized, which is universal standard ‘sustainable development’ must be about. We also know that the environment we live in and are part of has limitation in its capacity. ‘Sustainable development’ we think about, on the other hand, is specific to different given contexts….

Fiji’s internal and external challenges

Damages caused by the twin floods in 2012 cost Fiji government US$39mil. Donors provided 6.5mil to assist its humanitarian response and recovery. (Humanitarian Bulletin Pacific – OCHA) Overall aid assistance to Fiji increased in 2011 and reached 5.2% of the total government budget. Its major donor countries used to be Australia and EU while China…