A woman who changes society – Molituva  社会を変える女性 (モリトゥバ、フィジー)

Ulamila“Usually Fijian people are not interested in reading books but we bring the library to our community and people come. While preserving our tradition, we will slowly change our society.” Ulamila Mucunabitu studied in the University of South Pacific (USP) and created space for people in her community to read books, the Molituva Community Library in cooperation with the Library/Information Studies at USP.

A retired teacher in the village provided space in his house for the temporary library. Children come to the library after school, read books and do their homework before it opens up to adult community members. The library opens until 10pm.

“Our original idea was to have a smaller space to keep some books. The library would not have been built without Ulamila’s strong commitment and action”, said Pam Bidwell, Coordinator of the Library/ Information Studies at USP. Ulamila goes to the government and talks about  the importance of reading books.

The Women’s Club of Molituba village is building a new library and aiming to bring in more books and a computer.

Your contributions would be much appreciated!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA「フィジー人は読書はあまり好きではないのですが、図書館をコミュニティにつくれば人が来ます。伝統を守りつつもフィジーの社会を少しずつ変えていきます。」ウラミラは南太平洋大学で学び、図書館情報学科と協力して、自分のコミュニティ、モリトゥバに図書館を作りました。


「はじめは、本を集めておく小さなスペースを考えていましたが、ウラミラの熱意と行動力がこの図書館を実現させました、」 南太平洋大学図書館情報学のコーディネーター、パムはいいます。ウラミラは政府の担当者を訪ねていって読書の大切さを話します。




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