Litigation against the Tokyo Electric Power Company: A woman calls for thorough investigation and judgment

Ruiko Muto, an anti-nuke activist in Japan leads the group of 1324 people in Fukushima who have sued the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO).

They lodged the criminal complaint at the Fukushima District Public Prosecutors’ against 33 individuals in TEPCO for:

i) Professional negligence resulting in death and injury;

ii) A violation of the Law for the Punishment of Environmental Pollution Crimes

Relating to Human Health; and

iii) Detonating of Explosives.

They claim exposing people to radiation is the offence of injury.

The building of the No.4 reactor at the Fukushima First nuclear plant, Tokyo Electric Power Company, 5 July 2012
Part of the building housing No. 4 reactor was blown off by the hydrogen explosions last March. There are 1533 used and unused nuclear fuel rods contained in the cooling pool inside this building. It is concerned that the broken building may not have enough strength to hold the pool with the nuclear fuel rods and it would further spread radiation if the rods are exposed to air.

Ruiko talked about her aim to sue the power company. “I want the issues which were omitted by the investigation made by the government to be disclosed one by one as well as clarify the individual responsibilities for the accident.”

Ruiko practiced her quest for “producing energy not just consuming it”. She lived in the forest in Fukushima building her house, collecting forest products, managing by solar and other natural sources of energy. She has been expressing her concerns of the danger and discriminatory system of the nuclear power cycle since she encountered the Chernobyl nuclear accident in 1986. Her warning became a reality. The explosions and subsequent accidents at the Fukushima nuclear plant contaminated the forest she lived in with the invisible radioactive substances.

The letter of accusation says, “to charge someone with their crimes is in turn to examine our way of life”.  The accusers are committed to doing so.

They are preparing for the 2nd submission in this November aiming for more than 10,000 people nationwide to be accusers.

Earlier, 42 TEPCO shareholders have sued 27 individuals in top management of TEPCO. They claim around 5.5 trillion yen (around 70 billion US dollar) as compensation for the negligence liability. It is the largest-ever compensation claimed by the shareholders’ litigations in Japan.  The accusers-shareholders want the company to spend the amount for the compensations of the victims of the nuclear accident caused by the company.


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